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Aladdin Enjoyment Manual -- Operating Instructions for your Aladdin Lamp A Little bit of its history, and a few hints and tips to enhance your enjoyment of this "Magical and Mystical" Lamp. If this is the only item you need on this order please e-mail us. Our Shipping caculator has a flat UPS rate and doesn't know how to charge for such a light item.

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100th Anniversary Parlor Lamp Bronze with WHITE Artichoke Shade ***** Being Retired *** ONLY ONE LEFT ***
On SALE: $575.00

Hand Woven Amish made Rug ** ONE OF A KIND ** NO two are alike ** 30" x 54" approx reversible and machine washable.
On SALE: $74.99

Amish Cherry Jam 8oz The Country Kitchen
On SALE: $4.25
Amish Made
Classic Aladdin Oil Lamp Glass Shade 10" Opal Swiss "Swiss" ****
On SALE: $62.00
C6177 Cobalt (Blue) Lincoln Drape Aladdin Mantle Oil /Kerosene Table Lamp - Brass (USA)
On SALE: $199.00
Genuine Aladdin Oil /Kerosene Lamp
501-9RO Model 9 Reproduction Opal 10" Glass Shade ***
On SALE: $53.00

Glass Font - Genuine Aladdin Oil Lamp -

"Old Rose Majestic" Vase only *** LIMITED SUPPLY **
On SALE: $99.99
FONT ONLY ** Being Retired **
Blue Floral Majestic GLASS VASE Font Aladdin Oil Lamp *** LIMITED SUPPLY **
On SALE: $99.99
Classic Aladdin Oil Lamp Glass Shade 14" Hanging "Slant" Opal with Buttercups ****
On SALE: $62.00
For use with the Hanging Lamp
ELECTRIC Chrome solid Brass Heritage Aladdin Lamp **** Electric only ****
On SALE: $149.00
*** R910-2 -- ALADDIN Oil / Kerosene lamp chimney *** Premium Grade Heelless Chimney WITH Aladdin official Crest Logo
On SALE: $18.00
This is the Chimney for the CURRENT New Aladdin Oil /KeroseneLamps
Aladdin Oil / Kerosene Mantle Shelf Lamp *** Genie III *** NEW *** Cranberry color glass
On SALE: $158.00
Pressure Lantern Mantle 200 Candlepower (2-Pak)
On SALE: $1.50
For Coleman type pressure lanterns
Brass Classic Tilt-Frame Hanging Aladdin Oil Lamp w/ 14" Opal White Frosted Slant Glass w/ HAND PAINTED yellow buttercups - Brass
On SALE: $344.00
Only 4 of these sets are left. Then the Shade will be retired.
Aladdin Chimney *** R103 *** Chimney (Lox-On) WITH Official Aladdin Oil Lamp Crest Logo (for Models 12, A, B, C, 21, 21c, and 23 lox-on)
On SALE: $19.95
Works with OLDER Aladdin Oil Lamps ONLY
B2301 Brass Heritage Aladdin "ELECTRIC " Table Lamp **** Limited time offer ***
On SALE: $165.00
C6107 Clear Genie III Aladdin Oil / Kerosene Shelf Mantle Lamp - Brass ***
On SALE: $112.00
Check out a shade for your lamp
C6104 Genie II Aladdin Shelf Lamp - Brown Translucent (Honey Amber) -BRASS hardware ** BEING RETIRED ** LIMITED SUPPLY
On SALE: $110.00
*** Clear Genie III Aaddin Oil Shelf Lamp - NICKEL ** BEING Retired ** ****

Parchment "FEATHER " oil lamp shade Genuine Aladdin "NEW" 14"
On SALE: $37.00

** Brown Translucent Genie III Aladdin Oil Shelf Lamp - Nickel *** BEING RETIRED ***


Deluxe Aladdin Mantle Oil / Kerosene Lamp - Brass Frame with 12" Glass White Opal Bell Shade ****
On SALE: $363.00
*** Deluxe Hanging Frame****
Clipper Brass Lamp - Oil ** DHR ** (Weems & Plath)
On SALE: $249.99
Den Haan Oil Lamp / Weems & Plath
Classic Aladdin Oil Lamp Glass Shade 10" Crystal Amethyst (purple flowers) Freesia **
On SALE: $89.00
Deluxe Aladdin Oil Lamp - Brass Frame with 12" blue-green Opal Bell Shade *** with NEW CASED GREEN SHADE****
On SALE: $368.00
NEW color shade - same great lamp as the BH210 w
Chrome Atlantic Gimbal Oil Lamp w/Smoke Bell ** (weems & Plath)
On SALE: $149.99

Special Employee Appreciation Gift

DHR Trawler Lamp, Oil (or electric) ** (weems & Plath) **
On SALE: $319.99
Den Haan Oil Lamp / Weems & Plath

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